Test 2

Choose the correct answers.

  1. The more exercise I do, _______ I get.
    />fitter/>the fitter/>fittest/>the fittest
  2. Nathan didn't like it when we suggested _______ instead of going out.
    />study/>to study/>studying/>studies
  3. When I arrived at the party there was _______ there. They'd all gone home.
  4. My parents' wedding anniversary, _______ we celebrate every year, is an opportunity for all the family to get together.
  5. Did you and Jessica enjoy _______ at the concert last night?
  6. Everybody knew who had drawn on the walls, but _______ of the students said anything.
  7. If he hadn't been so nervous, he _______ his driving test.
    />had passed/>would have passed/>will pass/>would pass
  8. We finished our classes early on Friday, so we decided _______ for our exam on Monday.
    />to study/>studying/>studied/>study
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