Упражнения (относительные, и вопросительные и неопределённые местоимения)

That is the shop ____ was awarded as the best shop in the city. The girl ____ brother goes with me to the gym is a good singer. The man ____ broke into our house was caught in two days. She visits her grandmother ____ lives in the countryside every summer. She was wearing a dress ___ looked like princess’. The bookshelf ____ we bought last week has broken down. The man ___ was sitting on the bench turned around and saw his granddaughter. A woman ____ son was crying paid no attention to him. The woman ____ car had broken down on her way home spend 3 hours waiting for help. My best friend ____ I know for years will never let me down. He didn’t follow the instructions ____ he was given, so he failed to pass the test. The girl ___ lived next door was very shy and couldn’t say a word to protect herself at school. I need to buy a laptop ____ can work up to 5 hours without a charger. My father ___ is a doctor has no idea how to repair a car. The photo ____ is placed on the mantel was taken at the picnic two years ago.


How __ students are in the class right now? ___ is that person next to you? ___ do you do for living? ___ this book belong to? ___ do you expect to be in five years? ___ did you meet at the conference? ___ pattern do you like? Both dresses look great. ___ is your brother going to do with his job? ___ did you go for the holiday? — We went to Spain. ___ is responsible for guest accommodation in your hotel? ___ are you planning to leave? ___ are you writing a letter to? ___ is the reason for your visit? We haven’t seen each other for a while. ___ are you going after graduation? ___ color do you prefer most?


—Can I help you, Miss? —Yes, I like all\ both\ none these skirts. Which ones\ one suits me most? Nick has three brothers — both\ all of them has already graduated from university. It will require many\ much. And we have little\ few time. What can we do with it? None of\ All of the guests was satisfied with the celebration. They had planned every\ each day of the holiday but weren’t prepared for the storm to begin. All\ None\ Neither the clothes we offer can find its buyer. We have dresses for each\ every\ all age, shape and size. I need another\ other break. I am too tired to continue climbing. —Which project are you going to accept? — I like the one\ once about animal protection. There are some\ any letters on the table. Bring them to me, please. Either\ Neither Cathy nor her parents are going to their cousin wedding. Every\ each group member received an invitation for the party. It will do you some\ no good if you stay at home every\ all day. You need to go to school and prepare for the exams. I don’t like that pie. I like the one\ ones with cherries on top. No\ None of my friends texted me this week. That’s a pity. I like doing some exercises with my trainer but I hate doing difficult one\ ones.

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