Времена в английском языке

I wait for the bus every day. Present Simple
I waited for the bus yesterday. Past Simple
Maybe I will wait for the bus tomorrow. Future Simple
I am waiting for the bus at the moment. Present Continuous

I was waiting for the bus when you called. Past Continuous
I will be waiting for the bus again this time tomorrow. Future Continuous
I have waited for the bus many times in my life. Present Perfect
I had waited for the bus before I took a taxi. Past Perfect

If the bus doesn’t come, I will have waited for the bus for no reason. Future Perfect
I have been waiting for the bus since 9 o’clock. Present Perfect Continuous
I had been waiting for the bus for an hour when it finally arrived. Past Perfect Continuous
By 10 o’clock, I will have been waiting for the bus for 45 minutes. Future Perfect Continuous

Have you decided to take the train? No, I’m going to take the bus. ‘Going to’ Future

She visits London once a year. Present Simple
She is currently visiting London. Present Continuous
She has visited London several times in the past. Present Perfect
She has been visiting London since Monday. Present Perfect Continuous

She visited London 3 years ago. Past Simple
She was visiting London when she met him. Past Continuous
She had visited London once before she moved to England. Past Perfect
She had been visiting London for a few days when she had to return home. Past Perfect Continuous

She will probably visit London next year. Future Simple
She will be visiting London this time next year. Future Continuous
She will have visited London 6 times by the end of this year. Future Perfect
By tomorrow morning, she will have been visiting London for five days. Future Perfect Continuous

Has she arranged her day trip tomorrow? Yes, she is visiting London with the guide. Present Continuous
Has she decide where to go next year? Yes, she is going to visit London again. ‘Going to’ Future


В реальной разговорной и письменной речи сами носители языка используют семь из 12 английских времен, это:

  • Present Simple
  • Past Simple
  • Future Simple
  • Present Continuous
  • Past Continuous
  • Present Perfect
  • Present Perfect Continuous

В каком времени указаны предложения?

1. I drive home from work every day.
2. What did you eat for dinner?
3. I’m driving from work.
4. My brother lives in Chicago.
5. I have never been to space.

6. We’re having a great time on vacation.
7. I’m thinking about taking a trip around the world.
8. I have travelled the world.
9. He will have been eating his pizza.
10. I was recording a class for Youtube when you called.

В каком времени написаны эти предложения?

1. Kate has met the President.
2. What are you doing now?
3. The sky is blue.
4. I watch the TV.
5. How many hours do you work a week?
6. He has worked here for 5 years.
7. We have been in a realtionship for three months.
8. I’m going to call Kate after lunch.
9. She has already written 40 books.
10. Mother will bath the baby in a smal tub.

Найдите ошибки

A) I have travelling the world.
B) This bike cost $50.
C) I am is Australian.
D) Man has been to the Moon.
E) I have been run.

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